The first time

The first time
This last month has been super intense because we've been working on a lot of different, "secret" and new things. And that has been the hardest thing because, to keep creating from our comfort zone, from what we already know how to do, is entertaining and a bit easier because we've done it before. Now, starting projects from scratch, those that make us get out of our comfort zone is something else, something that makes us question ourselves a lot and makes us feel vulnerable.
I see this a lot in my knitting classes. When they come to the first Jacquard class with fear thinking that this is too hard and that they won't be able to do it. Not to mention when we are in My First Vest, even the name of the workshop speaks of something new, that we haven't done before. I also see it a lot in the Color Workshop, which is 100% experimentation with new combinations, colors that we hadn't thought to combine or use before. And in every class, especially in the beginning, there's always someone who tells me: "I've never done this so I'm going to suck at it" and I try to explain that this is a process and that we're going to learn together... but, like any new process, it generates some fears and frustrations.
So why do we do it, why do we put ourselves in that situation of vulnerability, instead of staying calm, doing the things that we already know we can do well? I couldn't talk about everyone, but I like to do new things because I feel like I grow and it allows me to expand my horizons. And because, even if the end result is not always exactly as I wanted, I'm always happy when I dare to develop projects that I haven't done before. I won't deny that it also has its downsides: walking around with a tight stomach, less sleep and, without a doubt, the physical and mental fatigue that comes with doing things for the first time.
In the last post in which we talked about vulnerability I told you about Brené Brown. On Instagram someone from our community recommended her podcast and I have to say I loved it. Especially because in her first episode she talks about how hard it is to do things for the first time, especially because it makes us feel so vulnerable. And how it's important to do them because it's what makes our lives more interesting and allows us to grow. And what to do in order to minimize that anxiety we get from doing new things? She recommends three things: try to normalize it because being unfamiliar it's normal to be a little scared; put it in perspective, that is, just because it's not new doesn't mean we're doing everything wrong and we don't have "piano fingers" and, finally, have realistic expectations... probably if we've only knitted scarves, the first time we make a vest it's not going to be perfect!
For me these last months have been a huge learning experience... we are developing our first knitting kits, our first knitting notebooks and also for the first time we are going to dare to make knitting bags and cases. And how do I feel? Very nervous! But at the same time, very happy, because I think I will be able to continue supporting this community of knitters, helping them on this journey and growing with them.
This week in which we are already feeling new spring winds, I would like to invite you to take advantage of this new season to think about those new things you want to do but haven't done yet because of fear, nerves or because you think you are not capable. I assure you that we can all get out of our comfort zone to grow, even if sometimes it's not easy and leaves us with a tight stomach!
I send you a big hug, Jandi.