The art of finishing

The art of finishing

Nothing more fun than starting a new project... and if it's a knitting project, even better!!! Thinking about the design, choosing the colors, making lots of samples until we find that exact mix of stitches and combinations. And in the process, imagining small changes that could make it even better. I think that, by far, what I like the most is the beginning of something and the creative process that comes with it.

Now, the problem with starting to knit a sweater, vest, collar or whatever is that... you have to finish it! And that's when I think "Nooooo..." is that all the creative part, the imagination, what really makes me vibrate about the project is left aside and the boring part begins: sewing the sleeves, gluing the buttons, putting the yarns and a long etcetera that just thinking about it leaves me a little bit overwhelmed. I thought this was something that happened only to me, but the other day in a class a student asked me how I was able to finish the projects I started because she had many projects on the side that she hadn't had the time or the desire to finish. It's true, one usually doesn't have time to finish them, although many times we find the time to start something new 😊 And why does this happen to us? Simply because it's boring! And knitting is a pleasure and a relaxation and this part doesn't seem to relax us or give us so much satisfaction. Besides, we are scattered! So we "peck" projects here and there, looking for that adrenaline rush of starting something new.

So what to do about it? One option is to leave our projects unfinished and dedicate ourselves to do only what we like. The problem with this is that, many times, it gives us a bit of a guilty conscience to see all that work done and left in the middle. Besides, we usually do our knitting projects thinking about someone else and that person can be our children, partner, friends or, most of the times... ourselves! So I think it's always better to finish them and be able to give that gift or give it to the person who inspired us to do it. As this is not easy I try to make this process as "bearable" as possible.

Any ideas? What I like the most is to start thinking about my next project, while I finish the one I'm doing. For example: I start looking for color inspiration, I make drawings of what my next project could look like and, for my Jacquard designs, I usually paint and create different diagrams on a grid sheet to see how they would look like. Often, I even go shopping for the yarn with those ideas, but without starting to knit it yet. However, there are times when this is not enough, because sometimes what we are left with is a bit tedious and repetitive (for example: hiding the loose ends of a yoke with a lot of colors). Then I decide to do it while listening to some of my favorite podcasts or while watching a series I really like. That way, I'm actually doing something entertaining combined with something I don't like so much...I put together a picture!

What's the best thing about it? The ultimate happiness of having a finished project!!!! So I can wear it, give it as a gift or simply feel like I can take it off my to-do list. But the best thing of all... is that I know that now I can freely start a new design, let my imagination fly and give myself to this new creative process.

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