Yarn Thickness

Yarn Thickness

How many times have we asked ourselves, with what thickness of yarn should I knit this project? will it be too thin? too coarse? with what number of crochet hook or crochet hook should I knit it? will the amount of yarn I have be enough? so many questions for which we don't always have the answers!

That's why I wanted to share this information about the different thicknesses of yarns, with what number of sticks or crochet hooks they can be knitted, in general how many meters they have, etc.

I hope it helps you to answer some of the questions we usually have when we start knitting and to better choose your yarns for any knitting project you want to start.

Sending you a big hug,

Download here for Yarn Thickness information


  • Hola Jandi, estoy tomando su curso de Domestika y quedé fascinada, es un arte lo que usted realiza, y un gran desafío para mi. Es por esto que estoy estudiando todo al respecto para desarrollar mi proyecto de la mejor manera, y esta información me viene muy bien. Muchas gracias por su generosidad. Cariños.

    Judith Montecinos