I think there's no doubt about how much I love knitting... choosing colors and textures, the crochet sticks or crochets and knitting the projects I have in mind! And the fact is that knitting has been with me all my life. I love it so much that when I started this knitting adventure not only as a hobby but also as a job, I started dedicating a little time to classes and a lot of time to knit garments made to order. In general I made sweaters or vests only for children. I didn't dare to make garments for adults because whenever I knitted something for myself I didn't like it and even if I finished it, it was always put away in a drawer.

As time went by, I realized that not only did I like doing classes and knitting on demand, but I loved being able to design those pieces. Many people would ask me "how did you do that?" and I could explain it, even though I was still far from being able to make a pattern. And one day I realized that life wasn't enough for me to do it all... to be a mom, have a full-time job, take classes, knit on demand, try to design new garments and, in between, "live". Then I decided that I had to let go of something and after a lot of thinking I decided to stop knitting on demand. It cost me a lot and it hurt my soul to have to stop, because I love knitting! but the truth is that as in any order of things, we have to prioritize, and in this case, I stayed with designing those garments I had in mind and teaching, which I love too.

Every day I get messages from people asking me if I knit to order and with much sadness, I have to answer them that I can't afford it. What I do make are patterns, very detailed, so that anyone who wants to venture into knitting can do it. But I know that this is not enough. Our community is made up not only of knitters, but also of knitting lovers. And that's why every now and then, I try to make people who do knit on demand visible. So, those who want to send to make or buy directly these handmade garments, can do it.

Unfortunately, as I do it on Instagram, after a while those posts or stories get lost and it's hard to find the information. That's why this blog post is to recommend them, for whom knitting is their job, one of the most beautiful jobs in the world! I ask you to follow them, check their photos and products and ask them directly and with love, what they are looking for.
























In this post I included all those I know in some way and who have their Instagram accounts open. But the invitation is much broader, so that we can get to know and support each other. If you know any knitters or you knit on demand, please leave your details in the comments so that we can make this work visible and we can all know the names of those who make knitting their life.

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  • @Sot_pertendencias
    Amigurumis y Arreglos florales a crochet con la mejor calidad en hilos de algodón.
    Lima – Perú

    Wendy obregon
  • Hola buenos dias
    necesito algun dato para mandar a tejer unas prendas a crochet en santiago de preferencia

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  • Busco alguna tejedora por la zona de Garin, Polvorines, Pilar, Tortuguiyas Del Viso.
    La lista dice de donde son las tejedoras? Gracias

  • Tejo desde muy pequeña, pero me encantaría aprender a tejer con diseños para niños y adultos! Perú 🇵🇪

    Vasti chusden
  • @tejidos.mardeideas
    Tejo capas, chalecos de niños, accesorios, etc.

    Marcia Paillaleo
  • @tejidos.mardeideas
    Tejo capas, chalecos de niños, accesorios, etc.

    Marcia Paillaleo