Knitting with children

Knitting with children
Many times when I knit a children's pattern most people comment to me "how lucky your little girls must have been when they were little, with all those cute vests they must have had" and I think... I knit them very, very little!!!! Most of the vests they had were made by my mom, aunts or my friends' moms. And it wasn't because at that time I didn't want to knit, I've always loved it! It was simply because it was very difficult for me to knit with two little girls.
And what does it mean to knit with boys? It means being in a state of permanent deconcentration! Because we are with half of our head thinking about what we are doing and the other half listening if someone fell, got hit, wants to go to the bathroom, is hungry and a long etcetera that usually ends in a "Mamaaaaaaaaá" and that's where the knitting is. Then it's hard for us to concentrate to count the stitches and we start countless times. Or when they are younger, they play with the yarn, steal the balls and everything can get tangled or even worse... the knitting is unraveled from so much tugging. Then we feel the lack of time to knit and we try to do it while they sleep or to get used to knit in short bursts and little by little.
I won't deny that sometimes it's frustrating, but I think knitting can also help us in this stage. I never forget how long it took my oldest daughter to eat... so instead of getting desperate, I would have a knit next to her feeding chair to make sure I could relax at that time. I was trying not to lose patience and without the knitting I don't think I would have been able to do it, because that moment seemed so e t e r n o u s to me. I would also try to make knits that were a little easier, usually crochet, or that I could do in this state of permanent deconcentration. And I managed to connect, remembering that knitting is an activity that relaxes us, that, like a mantra, allows us to leave our mind calmer while our hands create.
And what happened next? To all of you who feel that you will never be able to knit again, I assure you that as they say "the days are long but the years are short" and you will be able to knit again for long periods of time and with less concentration in less time than you think. And I am sure that knitting will continue to accompany you and your children in the countless waiting rooms of doctors, dentists, speech therapists, class meetings, soccer championships and all those activities in which we moms are accompanying our children and where knitting is an important part of this accompaniment.
I believe that today I close with an invitation to you and also with a task for me. The invitation to you is not to despair, even if you have to count the stitches a thousand times. And to try to let knitting relax you in those moments when you feel you need more patience. Because knitting with children can sometimes sound like a challenge, but it is something that I am sure will help you in the different stages of parenting. For me, it's an invitation to look for inspiration in both complex and simpler knits that can help you create, no matter what stage you are in.
I send you a huge hug and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me write this post with all the comments you left me on Instagram.


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