Community Knitting

Community Knitting
The process of learning to knit is not always easy... some of us learned when we were little, some of us tried to learn at school, hated it there and then happily took it up again, some of us had to re-learn and some of us simply started when we were older, with no one to teach us when we were little. Many of us remember that day when we finally learned to knit! And others of us feel that it's something we've known how to do for so long that we don't remember when we started.
No doubt that moment of being alone knitting, listening to music or watching a show is something we all treasure. But I feel that when I enjoy knitting the most... it's when I do it in company. For me, being able to sit down to knit with my mom or my sister and while we talk about an infinite number of things not related to knitting, we talk about what we are knitting, how easy or difficult it was, what didn't work out and we had to undo and the new things we have learned with that new project (because we always either learn something new or we improve something we already did). And that also happens to me with my cousins and friends who knit and especially with those friends who didn't know how to knit and who shyly asked if they could learn and are slowly gaining confidence.
That moment of knitting in community is unique and I love it because there is a kind of sisterhood where some of us are learning and others teaching. Where we manage to solve doubts that appear at the minute or that we had some time ago. And, most importantly ... that precise moment when we all give each other encouragement! Above all, to give encouragement to those "first timers" who don't know how to knit or who haven't been knitting for a long time. Who are not sure where to take the knitting, what to do when the stitches fall off and how to know when to knit right or purl and who are a little complicated from warping onwards. I love teaching and I feel that that moment when we knit together, we relearn and teach again. For me it is magical and comforting to be able to help everyone to see that it is possible, that they can knit! First a little square, then a scarf, then Jacquard, then daring with more difficult projects like a sweater.
I've thought a lot about how I can help all of us to have that moment of knitting in community. And how to help you all to be able to knit with your friends, cousins, sisters, etc. And I think the best way is to try to help those who are starting on this path of knitting and those who feel that knitting is not for them. And that's why today the invitation is to motivate those around us to knit with us. And how do we do that? I want to contribute with a mini grain of sand by doing a free class to teach knitting. This class will be mainly for those people who don't know how to warp, knit or purl and who want to learn. To those who feel that maybe their doubts are "silly" or "basic" and that "they will never be able to knit".
Where? When? How? Next Wednesday October 6th, at 20:00hrs Chilean time, I will do a live on my Instagram account in which we will teach you how to knit. I wanted to do a live show to be able to answer all the doubts of those who are starting because I think that learning live and accompanying each other is the best way.
So today the invitation is for you to invite those people with whom you would like to share knitting and create community but you can't do it because you don't know how to knit yet.
See you on Wednesday!
Huge hugs,