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The Melias Cardigan looks wonderful, it is an obsession to knit it and see how the Melia sprigs appear. The most striking of this vest are, without a doubt, these Melias sprigs in the circular yoke. All the attention goes to this part of the garment because it looks so pretty. It is a top down pattern (you start at the top) and is knit in one piece.

If you are unsure about knitting the Melia Twigs... don't worry! The kit comes with an explanatory video to teach you how to make the twigs, detailed explanations, photos and a diagram so you can visualize it and learn how to knit them the way you prefer.

The kit comes with the instruction book, an exclusive video in which we weave the entire yoke together, many other video tutorials and step by step photos. It also includes all the materials you need to knit it (yarn, needle, toothpicks, auxiliary stick, crochet, buttons, etc). enough to make it in any size from 6 months to 8 years old.

It is made to be knitted with one strand of cotton and you can choose from several colors: Ecru, Rosewood, Fuchsia, Red, Turquoise or Violet. We hope you enjoy it very much!

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