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The Terra Sweater is a unisex sweater inspired by the colors of the earth and autumn. It is knitted from the bottom up, in parts. As we go along, we put them together and add the parts that follow. In this way, it is put together little by little. It is a loose fitting sweater with comfortable sleeves. It is knitted with 2 strands to make a marbled effect, which gives it a handmade touch. Both yarns are knitted simultaneously. The technique with which this sweater is knitted is commonly called jacquard, and it can also be found as colowork. It involves knitting with more than one color at a time to create figures or drawings.

It's a pattern with an intermediate level of difficulty, and following the instructions you can knit it easily. The pattern includes detailed explanations of how to make the sweater, photos and links to video tutorials. I hope you enjoy it a lot and that your sweater looks as amazing as you expect.

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