Jacquard Weaving Workshop in the Mall Arauco Maipú

Jandi Gardiazabal


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In the Jacquard Workshop we will learn in one class to weave with color changes, read diagrams, bring the threads behind the fabric and, according to the ability of each student, increases and decreases between the drawings (ideal for the yoke).

I'll show you my latest creations and we'll be able to review them, take a closer look and solve all the doubts you may have. To take this workshop, you only need to know how to knit backwards and forwards.

Important Information

- The workshop includes the materials.
- The class is at the Revesderecho store at Mall Arauco Maipú. Spaces are limited. Once the workshop is purchased, it is not possible to change dates.
- According to the rules established by COVID-19 to attend the workshop you must have your mobility pass and wear a mask during the entire class. Dates and times may change due to contingency.

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